Salford Food Parcels (Food Bank)

During this difficult time, contact us if you need an emergency parcel. If we have food we will give it to you or turn up on a Wednesday, 10-12 at Emmanuel church, rear carpark, 174 Langworthy Rd, Salford .  You can also ring 07815089568 for help if necessary.

If you still need help please either come to Salford Food Parcels on a Wednesday session or email for help.  (If you live Eccles, Swinton, Langworthy areas)  

Since September 2011 we have provided free food to anyone in food poverty. We do not operate a voucher system as we don’t see how that helps people struggling with food poverty for the longer term.

We work in collaboration with the Red Cross who provide destitute asylum seekers with bus fare to attend the project. We also help anyone who is struggling with coping for a short period until they are able to manage again.

We provide basic food stuff and as much fresh food as we are able to obtain from other food providers, such as Fareshare and Tesco Food Cloud. We are sponsored by kind donors who each sponsor a weekly food parcel or part of one. The numbers we are helping seem to be going up as food poverty reaches more and more people on no contract hours or on benefits, the payment of which seem to vary depending on application for Universal Credit or PIP. Many having to wait weeks before receiving any payments.

We seek to help where ever we can and will always give at last one food parcel and then continue depending on the circumstances presented. To continue to do this we more sponsors who will help by regularly donated to the project. We are very grateful to those who have done so for the last 8 1/2 years.

We are also grateful to the Benefacto volunteers, especially Autotrader staff, who come and help us on a regular basis, and Rob who provided trees for the allotment to supply the 2 projects.

Could you think about helping or donating to  this project, please contact us using the form in contact and donations tab, or email us at