Salford Food Parcels Allotment

The allotment was offered to us in November 2019 together with the 6 chickens which had been left by their elderly owner when he moved unexpectedly to Scotland. We accepted gratefully, knowing that the eggs produced would help us improve the quality of the food we could give both to the Food Parcels, but also the Holiday Hunger project. On the plot there are 8 fruit trees which are mature and giving fruit already. We have been donated pear and plum trees by a very kind volunteer to the Food Parcel who heard of our desire to increase the produce without increasing the planting work.

The allotment has a lot of work to do. We have been helped by a veteran, Miracle Muck’s owner Phil and Kev a member of the committee to mend the roof of the shed.

We needed to clear several years of rubbish from the site. The green house is now ready for use and half the shed but there is a lot more to do to get this site ready. As you can see we have started raising beds to make planting easier but we have much more work to do. If you enjoy the outdoors and would like to help us, we would love to hear from you. Or if you would like to donate to this project please send contact form on contact donations page or email us at

The chickens are laying after a period of distress having been left suddenly by their old owner. They got used to us and started laying and on average give from 50 to 60 eggs a week. We now have 15 who are helping with the production. The pen is large enough and they have several places where they can lay.  Our production of eggs has gone up producing green, blue, brown, white, one with a reddish blush and a chocolate coloured one.

We have 15 hens: spanish, grey speckled, 3 black, a grey speckled one who lays green eggs, a lame one who lays blue eggs and one black and tan, who is very shy.   She’s now joining the others in the big pen but still hides away from the crowd.

We have had to replace the roof of the pen and coop as the wind was lifting the very old one. We have had to lash it down even  more, due to the high winds so now has more ropes over but it keeping the little ones dry and warm.

We are very grateful to Rob for donating  4 trees, 2 plum and 2 pears, which when mature will provide more fruit for both hunger projects.  We have had to replace one of Rob’s trees and have also planted a cherry tree.  This gives us about 14 trees in all when we add the apple trees already on the site.